Vertical Badge Holders for your ID Protection

Vertical Badge Holders Being employed is one of the best and toughest things to do. Contrasting? Perhaps – but when you think about the millions of other non-employed people of the world, you’d feel very lucky that you have a job right now. It’s still better than being one of the people packed up in the unemployment line.

So if you have a job, no matter how much you hate it – you must treasure and make the most out of it. Don’t try to screw it up by being a hardheaded employee! If the company sets out rules, you must follow it. One of the simplest, yet often broken rule by employees is “not wearing your ID”.

IDs are always required to be worn in any office setting. No matter who you are or what your position is, you are required to wear your ID at all times whenever you’re at work. Inside the office, you must wear the ID so that security will know that you are a legitimate member or employee of the company. It’s also important, so the other employees will know or recognize your standing in the company.

In order to ensure that you are wearing your ID at all times, it’s best to use vertical badge holders! Badge holders come in many sizes and types. One of the more famous and most-bought kind are the vertical badge holders.

Vertical badge ID holders are very convenient and easy to use. Simply put your ID inside the vertical ID holder and you’re good to go. It’s best to pair it with an ID lace or lanyard so that you can wear your ID around your neck at all times. The beauty of badge holders is that it is often made out of clear vinyl plastic which means you can see it clearly from the outside.

Despite its transparent nature, your ID is surely protected and sealed with a vertical badge holder. You won’t have to worry about your ID ever slipping off because it is sealed tightly. External factors such as rain, snow, dirt, and other things will also be no-match for a vertical badge holder. This vertical ID holder will surely protect your ID at all times. You can count on that!

Vertical badge holders and horizontal badge holders are two of the most bought badge or ID holders available. This is because they are often bigger compared to the other kinds. This means that you can insert other cards or IDs. You can even put your credit card or membership cards in as well.

If you’re worried about the price or cost of a badge holder, then worry no longer! They are often cheap as it is a necessity. Sometimes, companies even give them for free to their employees just to ensure that they are wearing their IDs at all times. You can buy as many as you want – be it in different styles or sizes.

You can even buy a vertical badge holder as a gift to your friends. They will surely appreciate it because just like you, he/she is also required to wear his/her ID at all times in his/her profession. Though it is unconventional, vertical ID holders can serve as a good gift!

With the daily responsibility of wearing your ID, vertical ID holders are truly a blessing. These badge holders makes you more responsible and more accountable with your ID. Not only does it make your life so much easier, you are also assured that the chances of your ID being damaged will be close to zero.

Reflective Badge Holders for Optimum ID Protection

Reflective Badge Holders Some people brush off the idea of using badge holders to protect their IDs. Others even forego wearing an ID altogether. Unfortunately, wearing an ID is required by employers wherever you work. Even the big bosses wear IDs, so why shouldn’t you?

Wearing an ID can be easier if you have an ID holder to go with it. An ID holder or badge holder helps you ensure that your ID will be protected and safe from damage.

There are various kinds of badge holders, but at this moment, we’ll be looking at one kind closely – the reflective badge holders.

Reflective badge holders, in a way, are just like the normal badge or ID holders out there. What makes it special is its glow in the dark feature.

You might think that this ID holder is just for kids because it “glows in the dark”, right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong. The glow in the dark feature wasn’t made to entertain people, although that is one of its other uses. But the main point of its glow in the dark feature is to give more visibility for the user especially at night.

There are professions that work 24/7. No matter what time it is, you must be ready for duty. If you’re a policeman, a contractor, a traffic enforcer, or any other job that works at night – you’ll need a reflective badge holder.

Reflective ID holders are very useful regardless of what your profession is. There are certain jobs that benefit more from this kind of badge holder but technically, anyone can use it.

The glow in the dark feature is very underrated. But if you really think about it, that feature is really useful especially in times of emergency. Now let’s stop being pessimistic and avoid talking about bad things. You can simply imagine yourself walking on a dark alley at night. With a reflective ID holder’s glow in the dark feature, you can walk with confidence as your ID beams off a green light. It gives you more confidence because you know that you can see your path properly. Light always makes people more comfortable in the dark.

You don’t need to pull out your mobile phone or a flash light when you’re walking in the dark. Who brings a flash light randomly these days anyway? Bringing out your mobile phone is extremely dangerous if you’re walking alone at night. Having a reflective badge holder guide you with its light in the dark is an effective, cheap, and safe alternative. You don’t have to worry about ever walking alone at night because you know that your ID holder is there to guide you.

It seems funny, but a reflective badge holder can really help you out no matter what your profession is. Even if you don’t feel that you have a pressing need for one right now, it would be wise of you to invest in reflective badge holders for yourself. You can have a couple ready in your closet just in case you feel the need to wear one at night.

You can even give reflective ID holders to your family and friends as gifts. They will surely appreciate this wonderful ID holder. Who wouldn’t want a glow in the dark ID holder? That’s something that other ID or badge holders can’t say for themselves. It’s affordable and worth every penny so you shouldn’t hesitate giving it a go.

Reflective badge holders can serve you well, especially at night. Don’t let the moment pass you by and grab one now!

Anti-Static Badge Holders

Anti-Static Badge HoldersWearing an ID is an absolute must. We’ve been taught of that since our kindergarten days. Ever since school and up until the working days, wearing an ID has been mandatory. It’s something that every person is used to since day one.
No matter where you are or what job you’re doing, you need to have your ID on. It’s how your co-workers and other people who don’t know you will be able to identify you. This is why having an ID lace or lanyard coupled with a badge or ID holder is a must.

But what if you’re an electrician? It’s a common fact that static charge may cause trouble or damage to certain products. As an electrician, you are exposed to a lot of items, appliances and gadgets. You can’t afford to have static charge coming out of your ID. So does this exempt you from having to wear your ID? Well – the answer is no!

There are anti-static badge holders available for you! These ID holders ensure that there will be no static charge whatsoever. Obviously, the name speaks for itself… These anti-static ID holders can serve you well no matter where you go. You won’t have to worry about anything because there’s 0% chance that static will occur.

If you’re wondering whether the anti-static ID holder is different from the other ID holders – the answer is “not really”. Aside from its anti-static feature, it has no other notable difference from the other badge holders sold online or in local stores.

So why should you go for a non-static badge holder? Well – if you want a versatile ID holder that you can wear anywhere without having to worry about static, then this is the best option for you. This badge holder isn’t only for electricians… It’s for anyone who wants to have a peace of mind every time they wear their IDs.

It is true that an anti-static badge holder costs a little bit more than a regular badge holder, but the extra cost is worth it. It’s better than having to worry about static. It may be a little thing to you right now, but you have no idea how many accidents static has caused through the years. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?
Buying an anti-static ID holder won’t break your wallet either. It’s a worthy investment anyway. And the best thing about it is that you can actually give it as a gift. If you have a friend who is an electrician, you can give him an anti-static badge holder. He will surely appreciate it!

The sad thing is – there are still a lot of people who don’t know that anti-static ID card holders actually exist. It’s not yet as common as the regular clear vinyl badge holders that are sold out there. There must be an awareness increase in anti-static ID holders so that people will be able to use them more.

Having your very own anti-static badge holder is a good idea. You’ll never know when you might need to do something around the house or at the office. It’s best to be safe at all times so wearing an anti-static badge holder is a great idea. It gives your ID the protection that a normal badge holder gives, and the added anti-static is just a great bonus!

Don’t hesitate in spending those extra dollars on an anti-static badge holder – it will surely be worth it for you. Why not buy it and try it out yourself?

Armband Badge Holders – ID Holders for Rough Situations

Armband Badge HoldersIDs are almost mandatory these days, wherever you may be working. Whether you’re a regular employee or even the CEO of a company, you should still be wearing your ID at your work place. Identification is important because it states who you are and who/what you represent. As an employee, you should always have your ID on you at all times. But what if your job makes it hard for you to have your ID on your neck? If you’re working in a rough environment or situation, how will you be able to wear your ID on you properly?

Luckily, there are Armband badge holders for those rough situations. Armband ID holders are often used in many industries. Police men, soldiers, firemen, and even Gym instructors wear their IDs with the help of an armband badge holder.
The professions listed above require a lot of physical activity. They need to move freely at all times. Wearing an ID lace or lanyard will limit their movements. So the solution for this is using an arm band ID holder! All you have to do is simply wear the badge holder on your arm and you’re good to go. Your ID will be secure and protected as it is wrapped firmly around your arm.

These armband ID holders have elastic bands which makes it fit to any size. You can easily adjust it to make it fit on your arm nicely. Your ID will fit just as well as it does on regular ID holders. There’s no need to worry about the armband holder ever falling off on your arm because it is made of materials that will ensure sturdiness and efficiency.

Armband Badge HolderThese armband badge holders are perfect for police men and fire fighters. They can easily wear these at work. No matter where they go or what task they have at hand, they will still have their identification card wrapped in their arm. Some people are always looking for an ID in order to tell whether a police officer is legit. If you can’t show your ID and just claim that you’re a police officer, who would believe you? This is why having an armband badge holder will serve you well. You can have it on you anytime and it would give you a lower chance of misplacing your ID.

Armband badge holders come in different sizes and colors too. There are badge holders that have the standard size for IDs. While there are some that are way bigger and can hold more IDs and cards, it’s still advised for you to get a standard sized armband holder. It looks more professional this way.

If you’re searching for the perfect armband badge holder, you should definitely look at the amazing collection being sold online. There are a lot of online shops that offers armband ID holders at a very affordable price. You should check it out and pick one that suits you best.

Armband badge holders are important no matter what way you look at it. Not only does it give you more mobility when you are doing your work, it also adds that “cool” vibe about you. When people see you wearing an armband ID holder, you will definitely get a lot of second looks. It’s not every day that people see someone wearing an ID on a person’s arm. Unknowingly, you may be starting a trend!

But aside from that, the main purpose of these arm band ID holders is to provide protection and security to your ID. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be getting one yourself – especially if you’re one of those who work in a rough environment.

Color Flexible Holders – Adding a Twist to the Usual ID Holders

Color Badge HolderIt’s not a secret that wearing an ID at work or school is one of the most annoying things that you are required to do. You need identification in school and at work for various reasons. Sometimes, those reasons aren’t even really THAT important – but of course, you have to comply because it’s a protocol. Don’t worry too much about it though because there’s a way to make wearing an ID fun and fashionable! How?

Thanks to color flexible ID holders, you can add a unique fashion sense to your ID. You no longer have to be “just like everyone else”. With color flexible holders, you can stamp your own style while wearing your ID. You can make a statement and choose your favorite color. If you’re feeling something on a certain day – or perhaps you’re having a certain mood, there will always be a color to match it.

Color flexible badge holders were meant to secure your IDs properly. It is reliable because it is made with the finest materials to ensure protection for your ID and cards. You can use it for other things too, such as coupons, promo cards, and calling cards.

The main selling point of these color flexible holders though is its wide range of colors available. You can choose from any color you prefer. If you want to show your fierce side, then go for a Red ID holder. Do you want to look cool and calm? Then you should go for Blue. If you’re more of a nature lover, then green is the obvious choice for a color flexible ID holder.
Aside from the common personality statements, color flexible holders also serve its purpose in other more serious things such as breast cancer awareness. If you want to show your support for that, you can sport a pink color flexible badge holder. Then there’s also colors dedicated for diabetes and HIV. So if you want to represent a certain cause, then there are color flexible holders dedicated for that too.

Now if you’re wondering where you can buy these awesome color flexible ID holders, the answer is simple. You can find a lot of them in local bookstores and office supply stores. The better option though, if you want a lot more choices is going for an online shop. You can choose from a wide range of options and colors. Some even have graphics that makes the badge holder more fun and fashionable.

Wearing IDs didn’t have to be boring. You can still show your fun side at school or at work thanks to color flexible holders. You don’t have to wear boring transparent/plastic ID holders anymore. You can still comply with your school or company’s requirements while not sacrificing your fashion sense and freedom.

If you’re looking for a variety of color flexible badge holders, you should keep in mind that you will get discounts if you order in bulk. You can buy in bulk with various colors so that you will have a lot of options for your daily wear. You can even give color flexible holders to your friends at work or in school.

The possibilities with these kinds of ID holders are endless. You can even wear them without an ID! Some hip-hop artists or rappers wear ID lanyards and colored flexible holders to add to their accessories. It’s a new trend that’s making waves these days so if you want to hop in on that, you should get one for yourself!

Color flexible holders are an affordable option to secure your ID – the additional fun twist it adds because of its colors is just a bonus!

Horizontal Badge Holders to Protect your ID Cards

Horizontal Badge HoldersIDs are almost always mandatory for any employee. Whatever your standing is in your company, you’re always required to have an ID on you. Have you ever seen a meeting between CEOs and other top dogs of various companies? Did you notice that all of them are wearing their IDs too? Even security guards who always nag you about your ID also wear IDs on their neck or arm.

Let’s face it – IDs are really important and you have no other choice but to wear it. In order to make your life easier though, badge holders or ID holders were invented. You can easily place your ID inside the ID holder and it will be protected from any external forces such as rain and dirt. This means that you should be doing something to protect your ID. A good way to do that is by getting horizontal badge holders.

Badge holders or ID holders have become a necessity when it comes to the office or school environment. People who wear IDs often use horizontal badge holders in order to make sure that their IDs are secure at all times.

Using a horizontal badge holder template has become the norm. It’s not a secret that there are a lot of other choices to choose from when it comes to ID holders. There’s the clear vinyl badge holders, and even the armband badge holders that are being utilized by those who have physically demanding jobs. But when it comes to a typical office or school setting, a horizontal ID holder is enough to do the trick.

You can choose between vertical and horizontal ID holders. It’s really up to you! Whether you prefer a vertical or horizontal one is your choice to make. There are pros and cons in both ID holders, so it’s up to your personal preference.

No matter what you choose, the purpose of a badge holder remains the same. It is for your personal ID and other cards. Having them secured in a horizontal ID holder is a much better option than having all your IDs and cards on your pocket or wallet. If worse comes to worse and your wallet gets stolen, your ID and important cards will be gone. There’s no way for you to get those back. But if you had your ID and other cards around your neck (inside a badge holder), no thief would bother stealing that away from you! All they want is your money – and obviously your money is inside your wallet. It’s funny if you think about it – but it’s really more serious when you analyze it. You can literally save your identification and personal belongings by opting for a horizontal badge holder.

The worst thing that can happen to you is getting your identity stolen. There are a lot of hackers nowadays who can hack into your personal accounts and even bank accounts! All they need is your personal info and they will get instant access into your LIFE in no time. This may happen if your ID gets stolen since all your personal details are in your ID.

It’s very important to take care of your ID. Going for badge holders is just one way of protecting yourself. You have nothing to lose anyway so why not get a horizontal badge holder? It’s affordable and the best part is that it is very useful. It’s about time that you buy something that will be of good use for you. Don’t be cheap and start investing on things that can actually benefit you!

Proximity Badge Holders to Protect your ID

Being organized is a trait that is often neglected. The truth is – having a good sense of orderliness and being organized is a great practice as it means that you are more mature and responsible. When you go to work, you are faced with multiple responsibilities related to your task. But before you actually head to the office, you need your good ole’ ID to get in.
What if your IDs are all messed up?

Yikes! Unfortunately, losing IDs or misplacing them is a common thing. You are not alone! This means that you should do something about your problem. Proximity badge holders may be just what you need!

A proximity badge holder is an accessory that is designed to handle thick IDs or multiple cards. It is an important piece of your ID lace or lanyard as it helps keep your cards and IDs organized. Proximity card holders usually come in different kinds and sizes. Most of the time, it varies depending on the material used.

Proximity badge holders may either be made out of transparent plastic, flexible vinyl, flexible colored plastic, among others. The style and material usually depends on your personal preference. Whatever you choose though will definitely serve you well.

From the Manufacturer Advantus Proximity vertical badge holders are clear, plastic holders designed to protect high-tech badges. Perforated holes at the top of the badge accommodate a strap clip or neck chain.

Product Description
Clear Vinyl Badge Card HoldersDesigned to keep your valuable, high-tech proximity card safe, clean and secure, Advantus Proximity Badge Holders are a must-have item for any company. Each clear holder measures 2.38 x 3.38 inches in a vertical orientation with the opening on top. Just thread a strap clip or neck chain adapter (sold separately) through both sides of the pre-punched hole on the badge holder to lock in place. Badges or ID cards will be securely protected from the elements and the clips will make them easy to access for swiping at security checkpoints. Available in a box containing 50 badge holders, these are an excellent choice for small or large office use. Advantus Corp. is dedicated to providing innovative quality products at fair prices.

Having an array of proximity card badge holders in your closet is a great idea. You can never have enough functioning badge holders in your room. Getting all your cards and IDs organized is never easy – the only way it will be less of a hassle for you is if you have a lot of proximity badge holders to help you out.

The best thing about these proximity ID badge holders is that it can be used by workers and students alike. No matter where you’re headed – be it the office or your school, wearing one around your neck will give you a sound peace of mind, knowing that you have all your IDs and cards in check.

These proximity badge holders are sold almost in any mall you go to. If you’re too lazy to search in the nearest local store, you can always go online and check out some bargain deals. There are a lot of cheap proximity badge holders online so make sure you check them out too. They come in various sizes and styles which mean that even in wearing your ID, you can still show off your great fashion sense.

Having Proximity ID holders is a must these days for company workers. Some companies are even giving free ones to their employees so that they’ll be wearing their IDs properly. If your company doesn’t hand out free badge holders, take it upon yourself to buy one and wear it at work. Doing so will surely get your co-workers and boss’ attention. It will give him the impression that you are a very responsible person. Who knows? That may even lead to a promotion!

Being responsible is always rewarded well in the long run. Proximity badge holders were made to help you keep every ID and card you have organized. In a way, it helps you become a better and more responsible person. If you were used to just putting your IDs and cards inside your pockets when you were younger, then it’s about time you change that attitude. You’re a grown up now – a responsible adult that is working in a professional environment. Make sure that you’re always setting a great example to everyone around you.

Clear Vinyl Badge Card Holders – ID Support at an Affordable Price

Clear Vinyl Badge Card HoldersIdentification has never been this important in a working environment. Gone are the days where employees could get inside the office without an ID. We all know how difficult it is to trust strangers nowadays. With crimes happening left and right, security has tightened up greatly – and this includes offices.

If you’re an employee of a certain company, you are most likely required to have your ID with you at all times. Your day starts with heading to your office building and the security guard stops you and checks you for your ID. If you can’t show it to him, then he obviously won’t let you in! In order to avoid situations like that from happening, you must be responsible with your ID at all times.

How do you do that? Well – that’s where a clear vinyl badge card holder comes in.

Badge card holders or ID holders are starting to become a common trend these days. It may not be a “fashion” trend, nor will it be anytime soon; it is still a trend in the working environment because of its efficiency in protecting and keeping your IDs organized.

Clear vinyl badge card holders are just one of the many variations of ID card holders. They come in transparent plastic, colored plastic, and many more. In this certain case, a clear vinyl badge card holder may be just what you need in order to always have your ID with you at all times.

Since the ID card holder is transparent with this clear vinyl material – you will be able to see if your ID and other necessary cards are inserted inside. You can easily avoid certain scenarios wherein you get to work while wearing your ID lanyard – all the while, assuming that you have your ID with you… Only to find out that your ID isn’t there. Obviously, that’s a nightmare scenario as you would have a hard time getting in and working; unless of course you call your boss and ask him to allow the guard to let you come in.

When you go to work without an ID, you are disappointing your boss and your other co-workers. Having your ID with you is a mandatory rule in companies. Even the boss wears his ID, so you should too!

A clear vinyl badge card holder is a great way to protect your ID at all times. With your ID safely secured inside a vinyl ID card holder, it would be hard for your ID to be misplaced! And if ever it does fall off on your lanyard, it can easily be returned to you because it is secured inside a protective card holder.

Clear vinyl badge card holders are cheap and can be found almost anywhere. It is sold in local bookstores or office supplies stores. You can even order these online for cheaper rates. Unfortunately, some online stores won’t sell it on a per piece basis.

Other companies offer free vinyl badge card holders to their employees. It benefits the company because it helps keep the ID safer and secured. When an ID gets lost or destroyed, companies are forced to shoulder more costs by creating a new ID for you. They would rather spend a cheap amount on clear vinyl badge card holders rather than processing a new ID (which obviously costs more).

The least you can do as an employee is to wear your ID properly and use the vinyl ID card holders. There is nothing to lose by complying with your companies wishes and wearing your ID the right way.

Wide Variety Of ID Badge Holders

If you are looking for ID badge holders then you have indeed aware that there are many different options available. These are typically used to secure and display employee identification while at the work place or out in the field. The style of the ID badge holders varies depending on where they need to be displayed and how secure they need to be. Many of the holders are just very basic with a pin to fasten them onto the shirt or pants, but there are also ones designed to hold the ID in place during physical activity.

plastic clear name badge holderClear Plastic Name Holders: The most basic ID badge holders are those that simply pin to a shirt or a pair of pants and allows the user to slip their ID into the clear plastic sleeve allowing the ID to show through and remain visible. These are similar to the ones you would see a medical staff at an office using, where they need to display identification. These are the most common ID badge holders on the market and priced accordingly. There isn’t anything special about them, but they do their job, and that is to hold and display an ID badge in place while working and performing tasks.

man with id badge holderLanyard Neck Holders: For those that need to keep the ID handy and accessible but it doesn’t necessarily have to be displayed in plain view, the lanyard neck ID badge holders are a great choice! These consist of a nice sturdy set up the displays the ID down around the stomach area. This is a great option for those that have ID’s that are scanned in order to enter locked doors or restricted areas. The lanyard neck holder is very popular for any ID that acts as a credential, such as a ID of a crew member on a concert tour. A great example would be a “VIP” pass at a music concert. These are often seen hanging around the neck of those that are allowed backstage. This includes band members, crew, and special guests. These are all made using lanyard ID badge holders, and they provide a great durable solution to hold the ID and make it very accessible.

Armband HolderArmband Holders: When the ID needs to be held securely to the body without flapping around, an armband holder is a great option. These ID badge holders strap around the arm, keeping the ID in plain site for identification purposes and allows the individual wearing it to most around without fearing it falling off or getting in the way of the job they are doing.

An example of where these ID badge holders would work well is in a warehouse setting where the workers need to be identified but their physical activity would too much for a regular clear plastic holder, and a lanyard neck ID holder wouldn’t be good because the ID would get in the way.

metal id racksMetal ID Racks: Sometimes the employee doesn’t have to physically wear their ID badge, and only needs to use it when the clock in and out of work. In that case a metal ID rack provides a great solution. This allows everyone to leave their ID’s in a safe location and available when they need to access them in order to clock in and out. These ID badge holders are similar to the employee time card holders that were made in the past. Now, with everything being done electronically most companies use ID badges to track hours worked.

As you can see there are ID badge holders for every kind of need, it just depends on what they will be used for and in what fashion. Regardless of what kind you seek you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for with such a wide variety available.